Saturday, 12 March 2011

Little Shopping

As I said in previous post today we had such a warm and sunny day. Which also made my mood better, When we walked outside i saw people without their jackets just tshirts with short sleves, which was a bit pathetic of them as it wasnt that hot, or girls in hot pants  and tank tops i was just like dudeeeeeee  of course its sunny but not fucking summer. we went to a shop bought beers and went to the park and chilled out near little lake, it was nice but than sun decided to go away and it got a bit colder. than we went shopping i bout some stuff, not really much but i love it. Also lets not forget that on thrursday i recived a package and of course i didnt woke up and never heard postman at the door so he left me a slip. I guess we have new one, old one used to leave packages at our door as we asked him to do so . So i went there to this place where they told me to go , and it was around 11 in the morning and this woman jesus christ , she came there with slippers on and bathrobe, wet hair like she just came out of the shower i was about to laugh my ass off there i swear, DONT DO THAT ! its fucking hilarious and you look like an psycho for real!

Anyways thats about it about my day another lazy saturday .
Here are things i bought.

shea shower cream , shea body butter, moroccan rose body butter, & morocan rose shower gel 
are from Body Shop .
US flag tank top - Prmark
Throw- Primark
 Chain necklaces - Primark 
( i will not wear them i bought them only because i will sew them into my blazer :D)

i also bought soooo many fresh fruits today and im planning to go downstairs in a second and make myself nice bowl of fruit salad with cream on the top ...yuuuuuuuuuummmmyyyyyyy !.
oh and as you can see my wordrobe is not closing...i've got wayyy too many clothes (clotheses :P:P:P) 


  1. The shea body butter is so good but i think they should make it smell a bit less xD Its like my whole rooms smells after it after i udes it and all my clothes i put on then haha xD

    Oh and the throw,is that like zebra pattern? Like white and black or is it pink?I cant really see it xD

    Oh and to people outside:i also saw some today which walked around like its summer,i was like o.O ,ok we also had sun and it was actually a bit warmer but still just 10 ° C ,so.. xDD


  2. man if you smell the moroccan rose its even stronger haha but its such a niceeeeeeee smell omg *-*

    yes its zebra pattern and its actually brown xD

    yeah and people are ridicilous i mean man what they gonna do in summer? strip and go out naked? hahahahahahahaha

  3. Oh ok haha xD I can imagine,i like rose stuff xD

    And its brown? Haha ok i sooo couldnt see that xD

    And of course they will go naked then haha xD

  4. oh its because i changed colours when i edited pics XD

  5. Great necklace ! :)

    If you wants you can come to me and follow :)