Monday, 21 March 2011

Brownie haha.

So today i modeled for my friend, she did spray tan for me and I look like i just came back from 2 weeks of laying on the beach hahaha . Seriously im that brown! And i love it Kasia did such a good job today and she should pass her assigment if not i will seriously burn her college down haha ! I just wanna take a shower but i have to wait till 22 because i cant shower for at least 8 hours after tanning.
OMG i really love the tan i missed this summer-skin so badly !  The weather was simply stunning today i guess it was around 25*C in the sun, when i checked my termometer in the morning it was 21*C in the sun so yes such a warm day, and such a nice welcome for spring! Yes today we have first day of spring and i really hope weather will just get warmer and warmer!
I also had ni8ce day with Kasia, after the tanning session we went down to central and so on.
And i finally got new sketchbook ! , I found nice A3 one with leather-alike hard cover which is what i was looking for.
Anywaysss im gonna go and send some museum pics to my class mate and than print my research so have good evening everyone!

brown huh? hahahaa i mean look at the difference haha also dont look at my face with no makeup and fat fat belly haha.  oh god i wish i could keep this skin colour forever haha i sweaaaaaaar!

EDIT: i just showered (yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey)  tan is almost half lighter now which is good because at least now i dont look like solarium addict hahahaha ! i loveeeee it!

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