Sunday, 13 March 2011


13.03.2010 night before big day. loads of things happened,, the pictures showed our nice chill out xD well which was actually wasted later because of some people i got all frustrated and pissed off and ended up having just 30 minutes of sleep which was really really bad as i had whole day of organizing and dealing with little fangirls and their parents at the venue. And i didnt even ate this fucking awesome breakfast they served as i had to leave hotel at 6 am in the morning. well actually i didnt ate at all untill concert finished lol.
crazy shit happened in Lodz really crazy.


  1. I envy you :D I'd like to have the swimming pool at home! :)
    ;* ;*

  2. hahhaha well i dont have swimming pool at home, it was at hotel xD and the place from pics was actually SPA and wellness xD swimming pool was at roof top never got a chance to see it actually because i had no time ;(