Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday 28.03.2011

hello people, I came back home 2 hours ago , i went to Sandi for a sleep over yesturday after 2 shoots Sandi and Chris did with me. I had really good day with them both yesturday haha, We had pizza in my garden it was so warm, we need to plan BBQ as soon as possible seriously! Than we went to the pub which is right at the end of the road where my house is, and as i live in this house almost 4 years i never been to this pub, but i love it and Jack daniels is half cheaper than it is in central. So I have new nice place to go haha . Than we had so much fun in the tube Chris opened up this huge badass flash with umbrella in met line (and you ae not allowed to use any photography in london underground ) so we could get fine for that if someone would cought us.  and rest you know me and Sandi chilled out with hagen haha . After our talk about diets what i did? i went to sainsburys and bought cabbage so starting from today im eating cabbage soup for whole week, its such a good diet, and i need to loose few kg's for summer and its a good time to do it esspecially im going Poland soon.
Oh and i fotgot my glasses from sandis house , im fucking blind hahaha !!!
I need them !

and the outfit for today is :

Scarf- McQ (i used it as suspenders )
Tank top: Primark
Shorts: remade by me
Shoes:  Prmark.

oh and lets not forget Pauly D (my brohahaha)

beat that beat up!!!! dat beat hits you, you need to fight back!!! omg this is such a tune ! cant stop listenig to it !


  1. Ja,uwielbiam Twój typ urody,jesteś niebanalnie piękna. ; )