Friday, 25 March 2011


Hi people i had really good day today, seriously almost perfect one.  Iwent to doctors, and finally my doctor will tranfer me to a clinic where they treat throat, thats where i will get my scan done, Im so happy about that, also one of the tests i did came negative which is another reason i had really good mood today. When I entered my bus my Uggs ripped, so i had to go to the shop and buy new shoes before college as i would never show up with broken shoes there. I mean im not a tramp haha. I didnt had my credit card with me so i was kinda poor haha but well i found amazing 2 pairs of shoes and couldnt resist buying few tank tops, which i love and lately im obsessed with them
. I had exam and i passed it also I had really good time in college, and i ate this yummy ice cream omg im gonna eat it every damn day for lunch , seriously i felt like i had heaven in my mouth haha !
Also weather! OMG LONDON I LOVE YOU! like seriously the weather here is stunning and i just wanted to stay outside for as long as i could!
Yeah i loved this day and my shopping. Im happy! really happy!


  1. Te drugie buty! O___o
    Jakie genialne! Gdzie kupiłaś? Szkoda ze w warszawie w NORMALNEJ cenie nie da się znaleźć takich cudek <3

  2. wszytko z tad kupilam w primarku :D , probowalas moze ebay? tam jest duzo takich, jezeli nieznajdziesz zawsze mozesz kupic sobie troche cwierkow i takie buty i je ozdobic sama, duzo pracy przy tym niema XD