Monday, 28 February 2011

28.02.2010 Hamburg

Hamburg oh Hamburg my favourite place on earth. And our next stop was that city. wasnt that amazing as it looks like but we made it through luckly. People which did numbers there should learn first how to do them before doing it. "justsaying"
Of course me and Isa always have to get out of worst situations the best of all hhaha i guess its our thing haha
The cocnert itself was one of the bests and im glad we went there and had so much fun. And i hate when people behind me  just faint, bitches i hate you for fainting, one fat ugly bratze almost broke my arm on this cocnert because they couldnt get her out ...too fat too heavy just TOO! and after they got her you just wish to see me bitchng at the bodyguard and girl and SOMEONES face hahahaha priceless in that moment .
On this cocnert we stood by Georg ...that was weird but still guys were ours as plague of stalkers were on toms side hahaha . Sad truth, sad truth.
 Oh and lets not forget me and isa running like last idiots through the venue and some bar whatever jumping  being all happy liek " FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAH ONE WEEK BREAK FROM TOURRRRR "  yes i was happy to fly back to London for a week and sleep in my own bed.  that was kinda like a half-term for us hahahahaa.


i'm not in mood to talk through the cocnert or what happened there and no videos from this cocnert... too priceless ;]

Born this way

shes so unique.
thats all i have to say. good job gaga.

Fashion project- Red One.

Hii people. today im finally gonna show you my dress i made for my project, i know i was waitng long time before actually showing it to you guys, but i think now its right time to show it. It took me about a month to finish whole project, the dress was done in 3 days i had to stay up day and night to finish it to meet my deadline. I've done it but still i think the dress needs some finish touches and as i will have 2 weeks to correct and finish my project properly i will do it than, tomorrow i will try my best to finish my sketchbook work . Anywayssss. this was first thing i ever sew so dont judge too much hahah ! I'm actually happy with the result, everyone who saw it  loved the dress which made me even more confident about the dress and my sewing skills. (do i even have any? haha) . I still wait for my feedback from the tutor i hope its not Pass as it looks like loads of people got pass which is the worse grade, i need to make it to high merit or distinction , im just asking myself if i can make it. well i guess i can haha .
Ok enough talking, here is it :

well thats it. the dress is RED if someone wonders.
thank you to :
Sandra Gorska  who photographed the dress
Kasia El who did amazing make up for the models
Peyton Vega who was my model
Jessica Da Mota who was my second model.
thank you thank you ♥

Saturday, 26 February 2011

1 year ago

Probably one of the best concerts ever hahaha . The things we went through in oberhausen O M G.  Well what can i say about oberhausen, that me and Isa had the best sleep over there? hah yes we finally got some confortable sleep and slept so long there that somone had to come and wake us up, usually we were getting up pretty early on tour as we had to. also as i alsmost had fight with someone as someone acused me of something really stupid . what else? oh we build a tent in the barriers haha yes from termal foils we got from security and in next 10 minutes everyone behind us started to copy our idea, i have to say it was nice and warm inside the barriers hahha ! Later my friends came and draged me out of the barriers as i said in previous post and also we went to drink which didnt ended up well for Marta, Not at all that she was vawing and shouting at the tourbuses when they arrived hahaha . and also i have to say i was affraid when we were about to go into the venue, so many people got in line before us but well at the end we had toms corner which is my place haha and the best place ever haha. Of course TH are ALWAYS late but in oberhausen they were more than late . 3 hours of waiting in the crowd can you imagine the hell we went through? I felt like my ribs are gonna break because people at the back think they will get the first row or will get closer but HELLO?!  YOU WONT FUCKING GET IN BECAUSE TERE ARE PEOPLE THERE ALREADY -_-' thats what i hate about TH fans as well, they push like it will help them in something but its not and its actually causing a damage for other people. and ohhh how could i forget about some stalkers which  pushed in to the first row right next to me and than said something like " you know you are not allowed to have your flag in germany in first row" uhmmmm well bitch im allowed to bring an elephant if i wish to but not a cam coder or DSLR cam ok?  i hate when people behave like everything is theirs and behave like such a rebels but in the end they are loosers ;] which they actually prooved on Humanoid where we had really nice time enjoyiong the concert and Tom was smiling and all and i've got called " its enough KURWAAAAAAA"  well yeah they are german not speaking polish at all . kurwa is probably the best known of polish words, and also started to be so rude to push on purpose but come onnnnn, you are such a haters and i have to say hey this thing is a compliment hahaha because they also noticed Tom being nice hahahahaha . well your bad that he hates you, and well his face wne some people started to freak out and me and isa were just standing there wth DOUBLE poker face was priceles hahahahaha  There are so many moments i will probably never forget like HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY or geisterfahrer and alien and omg so many haha oh and when bill was saying like " come closer to eachother " isa showed him that hes crazy and his face was like :| gahahahahaha i mean we already felt like beans in the can so squised hahaha  and of course HAAAAAAAAAALT MIIIIIIIIIICH hahahahahaha !
also at the moment when bill screamed endlich wieder zu hause  i remember how my body just shivered no idea why hahah it was weird   
anywaysssss i loved this cocnert ssecond one from tour, best place ever, with best people ever (yeah i mean people which stood from myleft onwards haha not right haha ) and than how mcuh fun we had at night, driving within the train of humanods to the next city haha, and i was so damn tired that i started to speak polish to isa which was something like that:
me *waking up properly" WHATTTTT NOO ! hahaha
oh well hahaha.  and of course lets not forget that we could watch nice BIGG ASS plasma TV hahahahaha
here you go some pictures & videos. hahah

everytime i watch this i feel like im back in the venue. jezz i was dying there because intro is like the worst hell because fans push that hard !

not my video but looks like people who stood few rows behind, and yes the moments are here ♥

my video ♥ one of my favourite parts of the concert.

hahaha you can see us here hahahaha ! 3:00 " ducks on weeeeeeeed, we are ducks on weeeeeeeed " 

and some pictures.

 and one pic that says how exactly the cocnert was to me haha. Its my favourite pic that i took and people already stole it from me of course, when they were removing MY copyright
they removed the shining part of toms guitair so ... ups.

we;l; thats such a long post so thats it. Obi was just amazing,  thats all i can say about it.
+pics of the foil tent by isa.  + excuse my spelling today is def. NOT my english day haha.

Friday, 25 February 2011

25.02.2010 Oberhausen

I looked up on my wall and saw this picture again and realized " oh shit nati its a year from now "
Such a weird feeling when you remember every moment of the day and the whole tour feels like its just been a month or two but not a year.
It was so good in oberhausen i loved when rest of the girls came and dragged me out of the barriers to say hi, ( when i mean dragged me out i really mean DRAGED me out of them hahaha !!) than i realized i have spare bottle of vodka in the car so we grabbed it with Marta and Sarni hahahah you dont wanna know what happened next hahahaha . no that it was night before concert and i should have went to sleep earlier to get some rest and energy but no of course i came back to the barriers at 6 in the morning HAHAHAH ! slept till 12 i think, still drunk but anywaaaaysss hahaha i loved that day .


Leather Jacket- River Island
tshirt- Primark
Scarf- AM
Jeans- Zara
Boots- Primark
Bag- Primark
Sunglasses- gift no idea where is it from

Im really not in good mood so its better if i remain silent. Think im gonna go jogging tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Leather Jacket

Hiiiii i had such a looooooong day! , went to High Wycombe with my friend, I was desperate to buy something , so we went around the shops but nothing interesting was there and than i saw this beautiful jacket in River Island and i fell for it. Had to buy it even now im broke hahaha !
I've got a fever and not really feeling well, but im glad my room is sooo warm *-* as my friends room is like a fridge ! I'm getting really pissed off and frustrated about few things and few people out there. but well i wil ltry to NOT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK. yeah . thats what im gonna do.

anyway few pic's of my jacket. 

Leather Jacket : River Island.

Mobile blog

Im waiting for my bus to come and of course its late why not be late damnnnnn + ugly ugly weather
Im off to do some shopping

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kampf Der Liebe live from Oberhausen.

oh damn this youtube for destroying the quality -_-'
anyways, exactly a year since the tour started, the guys were on their way to rotterdam now and we were working on moving people from our "save place" to the barriers at the venue, i have to say it went so smooth without any least there we had no problems with organization.
i really mis it ;/

anyway there you go my video from Oberhausen, one of my favourite parts from the concert., please excuse stupid people which stood next to us, i dont sing or scream or do whatever at the concert.

should i add one video from each cocnert ?


look what i got from my friend haha ! late bday cake !!! it was yummy *-* 

Monday, 21 February 2011

Dog drinking.

this looks pretty cool, like i never knew dogs form their tongues like a spoon to drink the water LOL.

21 February 2011 / Outfit.

 Hi everyone, I feel much much much better so that means antibiotics are doing such a good job!
Im waiting for my friend to come over shes stuck on the bus station. Damn you busses!!!  Anyways im planning to go and pick her up from my bus stop and take a walk to the shop as its a bit far away from my house, which is good as i need some fresh air .Here is how i look today , i like this outfit actually, lace dress + military pants go well with eachother.  I had this dress on comet, ahhh it brings such a good memories to me. like any other piece of clothing i had on myself when i was on tour xD
I will post something later maybe but im not saying i will for sure.


Lace dress:  Jane Norman
Pants: Primark

All Of The Lights.

I loveeee Kanye i think i wrote that before. and im totally inlove with new CD, he's such a asshole but still there is something i like about this person (no im not attracted to him haha just in case someone thought so ) haha . yeah the video is like something new . I love the short intro they filmed with the little girl, and the part he stand on the police car and close up on rihanna's eyes *--------*, and some of these fonts are awesome + this song one of my favorites for weeks .
Just saw the video so i wanted to share my opinion about it here.

Oh and my friend is coming over tomorrow, yeheyyy shes gonna save me from total destruction from boredom haha ! and i hope to get well soon i wanna go out for shopping dammit!!!
One more episode of how i met your mother and im off to bed .  ( i got so addicted to this series its fucking hilarious!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Th- haribo version !

hahahaha alright so as i almost never eat jelly bears i asked my dad to buy me some jellies when he was going to the shop and he bought me the bears hahaha somehow in this pack of haribos i found 4 aliens hahah so i couldnt help myself but doing this ......

dont laugh im super bored! hahaha


ill/ How I Met You Mother

Hi people, im Ill, really really ill. My throat is dyig, i've got temperature + im on antibiotics for a week, which basicly means my half term is screwed. I cant go out and drink, but anyways im not so sad about it as i drinked mine last week and it was too much as i actually blanked out and cant remember a thing from one night.
Anyways, im at home bored as fck as the weather isnt too good for me to even go out and i dont want to get even more sick. Nothin to watch on the TV so i decided i will watch How i met your mother form the very begining. . You see im that bored.
I really hope someone will visit me over the half term as i cant really go out. So my dear friends which one of you wanna move your ass overe here and be bored with me?

My dad bought me new sketchbook as i wanted one for random drawings and other one i had is finished. Yesturday i was playing around with drawing runaway models to create my own style of drawing them and i came up with few good ideas, so that way i can stick to the one type and be more "myself".
My weekend sucked, as  spend it all by myself which is not good + i have feeling to go for shopping and buy some cool stuff dont ask me why i dont even know why .

i will post some Rob Zombie pics and maybe a video from the cocnert as the show was so awesome. But tottally not my type of music haha !

Friday, 18 February 2011

18th February 2010.

so its one year i guess!  feels so weird  where does the time go?
last year me and Isa started our tour we drove to rotterdam the same day as i arrived and had really long drive to holland thats where our first cocnert of humanoid city tour was. It was great the camping the people we met the cocnert itself was more than amazing we never expoected that. and thats where we saw stage and all production for the first time, i was really positive about that even on this 6 days of camping we were laughing our asses off about what they could have there.. Anyways i dont know what else i can say i miss it so much and i wish i could rewind this year back to live it once again.  We made everything in rotterdam, numbers, organized people everything, it was stressful but it worked out perfectly and thats why im proud of me and Isa and other people who helped us repair things some people messed up on the first place.

 packing my bags haha as i remember i had fight with my sleeping bag !
 On the airport 2 hours before my flight .
 checked if i have my tickets for the first part of my tour.
 oh yeah in waiting area after check in and all the shit you have to do on the airport.
 plane was ready
 flyinggggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhh haha !
arived at Ahoy as the 1st ones oh yeaaaaah! 
"what the hell are you doing here? " yyy we're having breakfast?!?!?!?!" 
branclet chaos, luckly me and isa took over 
 out & about in rotterdam
at our hotel  XD
 at night haviong laughs about random shit.
 few hours before cocnert chilling after long night of organising people , the result of our hard work hell yeah.
 1st row by tom, the best places yeahhhh , german,polish,czech power :DDDD

ah memorries memorries. i hope people on the pics dont mind that i posted it here. :D
excuse my face i was damn tired haha ! 
ah i do miss it !

Thursday, 17 February 2011


shoes- Primark
earings- Primark

 so last week and yesturday i went to primark once with Dredi when she was here and yesturday with Peyton.
I found some really nice stuff over there, well i truelly HATE oxford street primark or any shop down there as its too crowded for me and people behave like they will kill for those clothes im serious! Thats why i dont visit this places so offten because i dont want to get pissed off by so many travelers which came all over the world and when they walk into primark on oxford street they getting really crazy . seriously a nightmare and chaos , its probably the biggest primark here in london and have way more clothes than in any other normal primark but i still prefer to stay away from it haha !
anywaaaaaaaays as i said i found this pretty things in this primark and the shoes im just so in love, i never buy primark high heels but when i saw these i just had to take them + they were on sale! so instead of 20 i payed 8 which is good deal as for shoes from primark, they are also quite comfy!  i never expected that but oh well , maybe i will buy more primark heels as they arent that bad!

Alright,m my essay and presntation are waiting for me. Have nice rest of the day!
(btw weather was amusing today *-------------*)