Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day off.

I decided to take one day off from college. I dont feel well and my leg is not functioning so well., but doesnt mean i will sit at home sleeping or doing nothing. I just cleaned my room and now i will do some sketchbook work and a bit of sewing. I need a model to fit in my dress and pose for me on monday.

and as i promissed to show you mine new college here you go. This building is so modern and amazing, one day off and im missing it lol.


pics by me.

I need to eat something as i havent eaten anything yet so im gonna make my way to the ktchen now which will be painful for my leg. and you guys have nice day!

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  1. Hej. Wchodzę często na Twojego tumblra i bardzo mi się tam podoba, więc gdy zobaczyłam linka do bloga, postanowiłam zajrzeć. Mogę obserwować? :)