Thursday, 3 February 2011

Quick Update

So i just wanted to write here before i go off to sleep. I had such a good day today, really good and funny day haha ! I found a model for a photoshoot which will involve my dress, im still in proces of making it and I hope it will be done by monday morning, Im buying sewing machine tomorrow so it will be much easier for me to sew this dress as I already gave up on hand stiching, the amount of material that i have is "just" 10 METERS  
BIG LOL i know but thats how much i need

The pic I posted here is part of my flip book,  I had this funny idea yesturday night and I needed to do it for my project . I imagined this manequin dancing and than tripping over a snake ring but it turned out different way  because when I wanted to move its leg it just broke hahah luckly it was after I took pictures of manequin falling down on its wooden face, so than I just continued with better idea like you see up there hahah than manequin repairing the leg and standing back up again with a cane (I used pencil for this haha) all siling and happy hahah. 
We had such a laugh about it in college today haha oh well.. 

Have good night everyone!


  1. Wow. Zazdroszczę pomysłu, umiejętności i chęci do robienia takich rzeczy. :)
    Widziałam projekt tej sukienki parę notek wcześniej, bardzo mi się podoba.;]

  2. haha pomysl byl takim jak by spontanem haha dodam tutaj te zdjecia gdy tylko bede miec wiecej czasu haha .
    + dzieki wielkie ♥