Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Get Me Bodied.

I adore this!!!!!!!
Beyonce is such a godness, and no one will ever beat her vocals and performing skills ! You can see that shes puting her everything into what shes doing which is really good. Seing it live is such an experience!

I had really hard day today. I was so stressed out and couldnt even focus properly, kept loosing my things and dammn i was in a mess. Im glad this day is almost over. Istarted to sew my dress and of corse Sharon didnt prepared sewing machine for me for the morning so i got it after lunch and im not satisfied with the amount of work i did today even i worked my ass off and now i just want to chill out because i didnt had that much stress in ages. I mean seriouslyyyyyyyy i need some good vacation right now. And my birthday is comming and i dont even want to celebrate it because this work is stressing me too much.

yes one of these days when i just wanna run and hide from everything and everyone.

i just sew new rihhannas video and im amused ♥ so funky and dirty but im not surprised at all !! + big LOL at perez hahaha !

what do you guys think ?

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