Monday, 28 February 2011

28.02.2010 Hamburg

Hamburg oh Hamburg my favourite place on earth. And our next stop was that city. wasnt that amazing as it looks like but we made it through luckly. People which did numbers there should learn first how to do them before doing it. "justsaying"
Of course me and Isa always have to get out of worst situations the best of all hhaha i guess its our thing haha
The cocnert itself was one of the bests and im glad we went there and had so much fun. And i hate when people behind me  just faint, bitches i hate you for fainting, one fat ugly bratze almost broke my arm on this cocnert because they couldnt get her out ...too fat too heavy just TOO! and after they got her you just wish to see me bitchng at the bodyguard and girl and SOMEONES face hahahaha priceless in that moment .
On this cocnert we stood by Georg ...that was weird but still guys were ours as plague of stalkers were on toms side hahaha . Sad truth, sad truth.
 Oh and lets not forget me and isa running like last idiots through the venue and some bar whatever jumping  being all happy liek " FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAH ONE WEEK BREAK FROM TOURRRRR "  yes i was happy to fly back to London for a week and sleep in my own bed.  that was kinda like a half-term for us hahahahaa.


i'm not in mood to talk through the cocnert or what happened there and no videos from this cocnert... too priceless ;]


  1. "Ugly fat bratze" hahahaha omg i think its the best german word i told you haha xD Its useful for everything as you know haha xD

    Hahaha and wasnt in that bar after concert just playing Der letzte Tag?I was like ehhhh what? hahahaha xDDD TOUR HOLIDAYS OHH YEAH xDD


  2. hahaha yesss man *-* im laughing my ass of when i go back and see us jumping all over so happy hahahahahahahahahahahaha and people crying all around haha