Saturday, 26 February 2011

1 year ago

Probably one of the best concerts ever hahaha . The things we went through in oberhausen O M G.  Well what can i say about oberhausen, that me and Isa had the best sleep over there? hah yes we finally got some confortable sleep and slept so long there that somone had to come and wake us up, usually we were getting up pretty early on tour as we had to. also as i alsmost had fight with someone as someone acused me of something really stupid . what else? oh we build a tent in the barriers haha yes from termal foils we got from security and in next 10 minutes everyone behind us started to copy our idea, i have to say it was nice and warm inside the barriers hahha ! Later my friends came and draged me out of the barriers as i said in previous post and also we went to drink which didnt ended up well for Marta, Not at all that she was vawing and shouting at the tourbuses when they arrived hahaha . and also i have to say i was affraid when we were about to go into the venue, so many people got in line before us but well at the end we had toms corner which is my place haha and the best place ever haha. Of course TH are ALWAYS late but in oberhausen they were more than late . 3 hours of waiting in the crowd can you imagine the hell we went through? I felt like my ribs are gonna break because people at the back think they will get the first row or will get closer but HELLO?!  YOU WONT FUCKING GET IN BECAUSE TERE ARE PEOPLE THERE ALREADY -_-' thats what i hate about TH fans as well, they push like it will help them in something but its not and its actually causing a damage for other people. and ohhh how could i forget about some stalkers which  pushed in to the first row right next to me and than said something like " you know you are not allowed to have your flag in germany in first row" uhmmmm well bitch im allowed to bring an elephant if i wish to but not a cam coder or DSLR cam ok?  i hate when people behave like everything is theirs and behave like such a rebels but in the end they are loosers ;] which they actually prooved on Humanoid where we had really nice time enjoyiong the concert and Tom was smiling and all and i've got called " its enough KURWAAAAAAA"  well yeah they are german not speaking polish at all . kurwa is probably the best known of polish words, and also started to be so rude to push on purpose but come onnnnn, you are such a haters and i have to say hey this thing is a compliment hahaha because they also noticed Tom being nice hahahahaha . well your bad that he hates you, and well his face wne some people started to freak out and me and isa were just standing there wth DOUBLE poker face was priceles hahahahaha  There are so many moments i will probably never forget like HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY or geisterfahrer and alien and omg so many haha oh and when bill was saying like " come closer to eachother " isa showed him that hes crazy and his face was like :| gahahahahaha i mean we already felt like beans in the can so squised hahaha  and of course HAAAAAAAAAALT MIIIIIIIIIICH hahahahahaha !
also at the moment when bill screamed endlich wieder zu hause  i remember how my body just shivered no idea why hahah it was weird   
anywaysssss i loved this cocnert ssecond one from tour, best place ever, with best people ever (yeah i mean people which stood from myleft onwards haha not right haha ) and than how mcuh fun we had at night, driving within the train of humanods to the next city haha, and i was so damn tired that i started to speak polish to isa which was something like that:
me *waking up properly" WHATTTTT NOO ! hahaha
oh well hahaha.  and of course lets not forget that we could watch nice BIGG ASS plasma TV hahahahaha
here you go some pictures & videos. hahah

everytime i watch this i feel like im back in the venue. jezz i was dying there because intro is like the worst hell because fans push that hard !

not my video but looks like people who stood few rows behind, and yes the moments are here ♥

my video ♥ one of my favourite parts of the concert.

hahaha you can see us here hahahaha ! 3:00 " ducks on weeeeeeeed, we are ducks on weeeeeeeed " 

and some pictures.

 and one pic that says how exactly the cocnert was to me haha. Its my favourite pic that i took and people already stole it from me of course, when they were removing MY copyright
they removed the shining part of toms guitair so ... ups.

we;l; thats such a long post so thats it. Obi was just amazing,  thats all i can say about it.
+pics of the foil tent by isa.  + excuse my spelling today is def. NOT my english day haha.


  1. It was soooooooooooooo good except some..lets say stupid "happenings" and so on xDD Haha but well we made so many memories that i will never forget and even more and more come back like flashlights xDD

    Oh and..i think i stood to your left i stupid now? xDDD because to your right side were the stalkers xDDDD

    Haha and yeah,i think we saw some very funny face expressions that day xD (btw. i laughed like hell now about your "IM ALSO ALLOWED TO BRING ELEPHANT WITH ME IF I WANT TO" xDDDD OMG!!!)


  2. man for reaaaaal i wrote right? omg hahaa *goes and corrects* HAHAHAHAH I GUESS IM DEAD TODAY HAHAHA!

    well i swear we always have piece of paper all over the place saying like you are not allowed to bring cam coder or dlsr camera into the venue also bottles with caps on hahaha nothing about flags or elephants hhahahahah

  3. this is funny! hahaha