Sunday, 20 February 2011

ill/ How I Met You Mother

Hi people, im Ill, really really ill. My throat is dyig, i've got temperature + im on antibiotics for a week, which basicly means my half term is screwed. I cant go out and drink, but anyways im not so sad about it as i drinked mine last week and it was too much as i actually blanked out and cant remember a thing from one night.
Anyways, im at home bored as fck as the weather isnt too good for me to even go out and i dont want to get even more sick. Nothin to watch on the TV so i decided i will watch How i met your mother form the very begining. . You see im that bored.
I really hope someone will visit me over the half term as i cant really go out. So my dear friends which one of you wanna move your ass overe here and be bored with me?

My dad bought me new sketchbook as i wanted one for random drawings and other one i had is finished. Yesturday i was playing around with drawing runaway models to create my own style of drawing them and i came up with few good ideas, so that way i can stick to the one type and be more "myself".
My weekend sucked, as  spend it all by myself which is not good + i have feeling to go for shopping and buy some cool stuff dont ask me why i dont even know why .

i will post some Rob Zombie pics and maybe a video from the cocnert as the show was so awesome. But tottally not my type of music haha !

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