Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kampf Der Liebe live from Oberhausen.

oh damn this youtube for destroying the quality -_-'
anyways, exactly a year since the tour started, the guys were on their way to rotterdam now and we were working on moving people from our "save place" to the barriers at the venue, i have to say it went so smooth without any problems...at least there we had no problems with organization.
i really mis it ;/

anyway there you go my video from Oberhausen, one of my favourite parts from the concert., please excuse stupid people which stood next to us, i dont sing or scream or do whatever at the concert.

should i add one video from each cocnert ?


  1. "Kampf der Liebe live from Oberhausen"-directly to your bedroom hahaha :D:D:D:D

    Amazing video and the concert was good except long waiting inside and .....STUPID PEOPLE around us which screamt nice stuff lol.

    And i also miss it.

    Oh and yes of course you should add more videos :D


  2. hahahaha good one isa good one hahaha ! i wish i could bring REAL KDL to my bedroom like the guitair solo straight to my bedroom you know hahaha

    yeah the 3 hour wait inside almost destroyed my ribs you know?

    yeah about the videos i was thinking like 1 date from the tour like 1-year-date = 1 video form rthe cocnert hahaha

  3. I know haha .Late at night = i get creative xDD
    Oh and ok,you take the guitarsolo,i take Bill ok? xDDD Good deal. xD

    And yes,my ribs were also blue,i cant even remember how we survived the next days xDD

    And yeah,good idea :D