Friday, 4 February 2011

Hollywood Tonight.

Hi guys!
Today i have MJ-ALL-DAY-LONG day ! this song is pure love, makes me wanna dance and sing so loud haha ! Swear to god i got really addicted to this one ! ahh i love you Michael ♥
Dammmmn god bless this man, he had such a talent and heart, You know what ? the best people on earth always leave us too soon.
Anyways i had such a good day in college, when i went back home drove with my dad to Finshley to buy me a sewing machine, but shop was already closed, weird as website said its open till 11 PM, than i randomly looked up this company and thanks god it was closed, people says that they bought their machines online, well payed for them but never recived  the machine or refund, if they recived it it was broken and old. When they went to the shop to buy it the owner was so rude when anyone didnt agreed for home delivery, So tomorrow i will go to official Singer shop and buy one from proper retailer. I dont want to risk that much money to go to waste and failure of my project.

anyways im gonna clean up a bit and take bath and im off to bed. Super tired.

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  1. i love this song too! and just thought i'd say that in your profile photo, you look really pretty!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)