Monday, 21 February 2011

21 February 2011 / Outfit.

 Hi everyone, I feel much much much better so that means antibiotics are doing such a good job!
Im waiting for my friend to come over shes stuck on the bus station. Damn you busses!!!  Anyways im planning to go and pick her up from my bus stop and take a walk to the shop as its a bit far away from my house, which is good as i need some fresh air .Here is how i look today , i like this outfit actually, lace dress + military pants go well with eachother.  I had this dress on comet, ahhh it brings such a good memories to me. like any other piece of clothing i had on myself when i was on tour xD
I will post something later maybe but im not saying i will for sure.


Lace dress:  Jane Norman
Pants: Primark

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