Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mobile blog

So i just set up email blogging from my iphone. I tried to figure out a way i could write posts to you guys when im on the go so here we go! I know i'vent posted anything in ages but ive been really really busy. On tuesday i was just chilling out and rested a bit from working my ass off on my projects.
Im sitting in the bus going to harrow and than home.
Yesturday i had loadddds of fun with Peyton and some other cool people we met few days ago. I dont really want to go deaper into this as i cant, but i can say that we met really special people and this one guy is really cool and outgoing person which was surprise for both of us me & Peyton. We went to Rob Zombie concert last night, i swear to god i really hate this kind of music but it was nice to see them out there :D I never expected them to have ssuch a good performance so many effects and the efford they pu in what they were doing made me speachles to be serious but the lyrics omg hhahaha after the gig we went to the vip louge where we had some fun as well. O and i will never ever go back to brixton again i swear ! Im scared of this place such a bad reputation!
Anyways thanks to one guy for inviting us to experience something TOTALLY (haha) different and hopefully seing him soon. I have to call my dad now so i will post some pics from the gig later .



  1. Siedze teraz z wieeelkim usmiechem na twarzy :)