Thursday, 17 February 2011


shoes- Primark
earings- Primark

 so last week and yesturday i went to primark once with Dredi when she was here and yesturday with Peyton.
I found some really nice stuff over there, well i truelly HATE oxford street primark or any shop down there as its too crowded for me and people behave like they will kill for those clothes im serious! Thats why i dont visit this places so offten because i dont want to get pissed off by so many travelers which came all over the world and when they walk into primark on oxford street they getting really crazy . seriously a nightmare and chaos , its probably the biggest primark here in london and have way more clothes than in any other normal primark but i still prefer to stay away from it haha !
anywaaaaaaaays as i said i found this pretty things in this primark and the shoes im just so in love, i never buy primark high heels but when i saw these i just had to take them + they were on sale! so instead of 20 i payed 8 which is good deal as for shoes from primark, they are also quite comfy!  i never expected that but oh well , maybe i will buy more primark heels as they arent that bad!

Alright,m my essay and presntation are waiting for me. Have nice rest of the day!
(btw weather was amusing today *-------------*)

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