Friday, 25 February 2011

25.02.2010 Oberhausen

I looked up on my wall and saw this picture again and realized " oh shit nati its a year from now "
Such a weird feeling when you remember every moment of the day and the whole tour feels like its just been a month or two but not a year.
It was so good in oberhausen i loved when rest of the girls came and dragged me out of the barriers to say hi, ( when i mean dragged me out i really mean DRAGED me out of them hahaha !!) than i realized i have spare bottle of vodka in the car so we grabbed it with Marta and Sarni hahahah you dont wanna know what happened next hahahaha . no that it was night before concert and i should have went to sleep earlier to get some rest and energy but no of course i came back to the barriers at 6 in the morning HAHAHAH ! slept till 12 i think, still drunk but anywaaaaysss hahaha i loved that day .


  1. cute picture!

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  2. thanks for following i hope you like my blog xx