Wednesday, 30 September 2009

all the pain...

I've got enough of this day.
I hate Fridays from today
and i hate everyone and everything now.
ok not everyone because there are some people who keep me going today.
ok just 2 of them .
Isa thank you that you're always there for me <3
and thank you for what you wanna do for me you-know-what-i-mean
thank you also that i can talk about so many things with you. and for everything
and i wanna say happy Boy day to one boy.

One heartbeat lost in the crowd...
Is anybody shouting ? that no one can hear...
zoom into me..i know you're Scared...
when you can't breath..I'll be there...
We are Dogs unleashed out of control..
full of dreams nobody knows...
don't loose your way..I'm here with you.
I'll never let you down
so be forever now.
whisper me all your secrets...
i wanna wake up in a dream...
i choose to be lonely
and live without your attention
i've got your screaming
right into my skin
you left me bleeding but i couldnt give in


I'm in pain. I cant stand it that I cant make it. I screwed everything.a
and when i said everything it means everything!
I know that sometimes its gonna rain but it hurts me
it hurts me so much.
It hurts i cant be where i belong to.
thats how i feel it.
especially today when situations like this bring me so down.
and i feel like closing more into myself.
i cant close . i must be more open but i cant make it.
i feel like i'm lost in this whole shit.
i feel like i dont want it any more
but something keeps me on it.
at this moment
i dont know NOTHING.
nothing what i can do to make it better.

this song mean so much to me.
and its speaking the truth.
so many situations that i can describe with this song.
as well this one that i'm in now.

no to żeś mnie porył oO

FACET!!! KURWA! hahahahahaa
no bo mi kurwa zrył banie nie dawno właśnie tym foto hahaha!
no porył mnie no hahahaha!
niby zwykły uśmiech ale sprawia ze mam takiego banana na ryju ze
matko bosko kochano hahaha?
nie no porył mnie hahaha!
nie mam nic innego do powiedzenia
porył mnie i tyle hahaha!
no rozjebał mi chłopak nadgarstki no co zrobić? hahaha

he just crashed my mind with this pic.
there's nothing i can say now hahaha!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ocean Trip


click for bigger ^^

so as I promised yesterday i'm posting my ocean trip blog entry ^^.
unfortunately we woke up late 2 days ago. so we couldn't drive to Carbis Bay which was our first destination. So we changed plans and we went to Poole where Ocean is as well ^^.
Such a beautiful place! seriously!
at first i was like *thats it?* but than i was so impressed with it.
My dad rented a little boat. so we could sail on the ocean a little.
it was so hot so i get some tan ^^
we also went to the oceanarium and i was so amused with all the fishes in there haha.
also we had dinner at the roof of one of the restaurants and than we went to the beach
where i also get some more tan.
that day was so fun and i want to go back to this place .
i love it. seriously i love it!

Clay. Art is Obsession.

guess who's that HAHAHAHAHA
YEP!! you're right its tom hahaha!
made with Clay! hahaha

Yeah so yestuurday at college Simon asked us to do our ideas about Masks.
so i went to him and asked if i can make my own face with clay and than make mask with it
he agreed to that and he gave me some Clay and some Clay tools ^^.
i was seating in the class thinking what i can do haha and i came up with idea doing toms face. haha
yeah so you can see my little process of it hahaa!
I like it seriously but! simon had to cut that into halfs. so its not like this anymore.
But i will have Tom's face mask HAHAHAHAHA!
that was my first time with Clay and Simon was so impressed that i did it so good ^^.
isnt it almost the same as real tom? HAHAHAHAHA!
i'm going to watch my favourite series Brzydula haha! yehey .
than probably i will write something about my Ocean trip ^^.

song of a day ?

song from my favourite Series ^^.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Good Night.

me and Tom (the sims 3) HAHAHAHA!

I came to say Good Night.
I'll update my blog tomorrow.
I had tough day today.
I'm so tired.
and Holshe thank you thank you for webcam today <3333333

Nachti <3

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Damn Bill!

pic edited by me.

Damn Boy!
Bill you're sexy bitch!
Yes I can see him
Cause every girl here wonna be him
Oh he's a diva
He needs to slow down
The baddest thing around town.

what else can I say?
I'm Overdosed with Bill now.
hahaha I cant believe I'm the one who like him now oO
of course Tom is my number one for ever and ever and i'm not swapping them as fans do.
I like how he look now.
Just how he look because personallity is........yeah..
thats it!
Isa don't be jealous hahahahaha!

Oh and I will write about my Ocean trip tomorrow.
I'm to tired to work in Photoshop now.
haha ok i made Bill's pic there but thats it haha.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Shopping in Hemel Hampstead & Bovington.

So i came back from Hemel Hampstead
Now Im watching Italian MTV hahaahaI have to say Bill is awesome seriously awesome *-*
why are Twins so SHORT?!
man im like oOOOOOOO
they are shorter or G's are bigger oO

ok so I bought
new shoes. I love them *-* haha Im shoe maniac hahaha
also Dress which I also like.
Ne MaXfactor mascara
Bronzing Pearls
John Frieda brilliant brunette shampoo & conditioner. ( I love John Frieda *-*)
and black eye pencil

Tomorrow I'm going to the Ocean. I have to wake up at 3 to get ready and than at 5 we're leaving.
so to tomorrow night <3.
Carbis Bay. here I come

Shopping ;]

I'm in good mood today.
and i look really good as well hahaha.
haha again shame for tom hahahahaa!
oh and i keep my fingers crossed today for all day
for person i <3 you know who you are and you know the reason <3
ok im gonna go out for a bus. i hope its gonna come soon ^^.

Shopping trip to Bovington ^^.

Friday, 25 September 2009


OMG can you see that?
Tom and piano *-*
I think the song he is playing is similar to Liebesträume. but im not sure and its Zoom into me.
man i wonder if he gonna play it life oO

I still barely breathe. everything hurts inside.
I need to clean up my house today as i promissed to my dad.
and also i need to cook dinner again.
but i have no idea what i can cook.

ok. I'm going off for shower and breakfast xD

Thursday, 24 September 2009


yehey again he was starring at me. and at this concert he did it all the time
Barcelona 2008

OMG . you dont wanna have pain as i have now. My lungs hurts so much same as my throat
I cant breathe properly and i have bad fever and I cant talk. my stomach pains as hell as well.
So today i finally registered to the surgery for all check-ups
I hope i dont have Swine flu oO
Oh man I've never been in such a pain like this oO
Oh Simon gonna kill me cause im not in college for almost a week now
eh whatever.

man i feel so bad.
Ok My appointment is at 3.20 so i have little time but i'm going to take shover now.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back from Shopping.

click for bigger.

Yeah kind of big shopping xD
and i love all the things i've bought today.
Simply I'm happy :D
Pair of medium hair grips
Veet in Shower hair removal :D
Palmolive antiperspirant (wild orchid)
Dove Silk body lotion
3 tank tops. 2 of them are the same but one is in black other one is in creamy colour + one white )
Oversized sweatshirt (size 18 my size is 10/12)
+ One in my size :D
2 PJ's from La Senza <3
My favourite Mint Sticks *-*
My 4th Michael Jackson Book *Unseen Archives*
Set of black Bra+ lady boxers *-*
Cute froggy boxers
Leopard Thongs ^^
Gold necklase *-* ( Bill's gonna be jelous hahahaa*
New HUGE hoops.
Fags !!
and New hair clip because i broke mine yesterday. same from Babyliss

yeah thats it :D
I also went to Starbucks for lunch xD

as i said shopping was so good.
and my mood is so good as well haha.
oh and i was asked for a number 4 times today oO
first time some English stranger sat next to me in the bus he was like *hey gorgeous can i have your number* and i was like * eegh no?!* and he looked so pissed hahaha
than when i was waiting in the Q another one but i pretend that im listening to music so i didnt even answered haha
and 3 & 4th ones was those 2 NICE as HELL black boys *-*
man they were so handsome and awrrrrr *-*
They sat next to me on the bus station and they started to talk to me. we had nice conversation haha
than one asked for number or MSN hahaa
i was like *nah...*
and other one asked so much about it so i gave them my msn hahahaha!
but man they are so handsome and nice. and I love black boys so much *-*
oh and they said they like my eyes, nose and lips so much hahahaha!!!!
i loved Razi's Hat *-* just like Toms and he had cornrows just like tom but much better *-*
ahh hahahahaha!
their names are Razi & David *-*
ok im going to finish my sketchbook now.
than I will try on everything again. and i will clean a little
and than maybe Scrubs?


Ok Im going out for SHOPPING :d
wish me luck to find something nice ^^


Sound of Electrocity 2009 *-*
me and my friends (Marian, Paulina, Karolina Piter and me) that was awesome.

Goodmorning everyone. I just got up and i ate my breakfast.
Im going shopping today ^^!
Finally man!!
The weather outside is so nice and its warm i have to say!
so I dont have to bring my coat with me hahahaha.
Oh and my throat is sore today -__- but I will buy some tablets when I'm gonna be in shopping center.

Im gonna look for some lace tops and some dresses. ^^
Oh and i need oversized sweatshirt ^^

Ok I'm going to take shower now, do my hair dress up and High Wycombe here I come today haha!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


yeah this song rocks *-*. I love Beattraax. They make good music seriously.
I think everyone should know the song " Project Well" xD its kind of famous in Poland ^^
this one *-*
mrrr its LOVE xD

Ok. so I'm redecorating my room now. I took a little break haha. my furniture is kind of heavy -__-
yeah but Im bored of old style of my room so xD
Oh and I've got a feeling that I wanna go to Poland !
seriously i miss it. the parties there and people are the best . haha its Hardcore man. I always have good time there. Ok not always but most of the times are the good and fun ones.
Best people, Best Parties, Best Vodka, Best fun the best swear words hahahahaa
I love my country


Monday, 21 September 2009

Kid Rock!!

me with Kid Rock on
MTV EMA pre show party ;]

OMG.!!! guess what people!
Kid gonna come this year again!!!
should i go to party with him again??
man this person is so wicked! haha seriously. Hes so nice and funny.
and i never will forget that night with him hahaha. when My friend fall the glass of whiskey he holds in that pic.
(he never get upset about it!!!) and that

Kid: So where are you from?
Nat: Poland :D
Kid God Bless You!
Nat, Dredschen & Al : Oo HAHAHAHAHAA
Kid : Are you coming to the show?
Nat: Yes we can't wait.
Kid. God Bless You.
Nat, Dredschen & Al: oOOO hahaha .

seating with him on this orange couch
Kid: Why are you shaking?
Nat: No i DON'T!!!
Kid: Yes i can feel it!
Nat: No its your imagination
Kid: God Bless You.
Nat Dredschen & Al : oO LMAO!
Kid: Just act like you LOVE me!
Nati: oO oki...
Kid: God...bless YOU!

hahaha man every time he say something he say god bless you hahahaha.
Oh and on the show when he was performing he came close to us and he recognized us straight away! than he said
*I remember You* and he smiled hahahaa.
Oh and Tom was watching his performance hahaha.
I wonder how its gonna be now man i MUST see Kid again hahaha.
maybe he will remember us from Liverpool hahaha

BTW. Now its second day when i bearly sleep just 2 hours why?
because of my Mask Project.
I hate Simon for that!!!!
Boah a lot of stuff to do still and im so tired. and i have to finish it today -_-'
mannn i've drink 5 red bulls already and still feel like someone had chewed me -_-'
oh and after I finish with my Mask project I have my room to clean -_-' and i have to do it because i can't find anything its such a mess because i have all the papers around the room --'
Don't you try to do Art&Design course at College NEVER!!
It seems to be so easy but it really doesn't!
oh oki img going to finish those 6 pages and than paint Alps and than do BIG research about Germany and than do Presentation board and i can move on to clean my room.
oh and i will redecorate it as well.
Im bored of it now -_-'

Song of a Day?
Jay-Z- Run this Town.
TH- Heilig (i love this song and i haven't heard it for ages)
The Best of Buka
and all the shit in my iTunes. ;]

Ciao :*


Those who know me so good probably know that Im God in the kitchen haha.
yes. my food is always so yummy.
haha I think I've got some kind of secret undiscovered skill after my mother because her food used to be even more good than mine i could eat and eat because it always had the best taste.
and she worked as a chef in the restaurant as well *-*
oh and my dad makes the best chicken & meat in the world hahaha i know im selfish but thats so true hahaa/

I was hungry and i thought why not to make Penne pasta ?
so i get to the kitchen and i just made it.
and ? its so delicious. and it also looks like this *-*

and? it look yummy is it? hahahaha
it taste even more great.
I know penne pasta should be served with tomato sauce, but actually i'm not in mood to eat tomato sauce so i made dark sauce to it.
haha lets dedicate it to Tom. hahahaha i know my reason and you know he loves pasta
yeah hahaha

ok i'm going to finish it and than wash the dishes ;]

ciao bambino...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Best of BUKA!

So....Me and Holly were so kind today and we decided to make SINGLE for our beloved BUKA.
haha you know who you are.

Esspecially for you.
Pozdro 600 by US ;]

lyrics ?

Hokus pokus, czary mary buka senior to twój stary !
Twój stary jest ładniejszy, bo ma ryj i tyłek węższy,
no kurde zgubiłam się bo buka straszy mnie !
Nocami i dniami napastuje mnie marami ,
to jest hicior bo buka ma dekiel zryty.
Bycie żyrafą to sztuka, bycie buką to rozpierducha.
Buka ma chuja na czole bo gdy ja robili to jej stara krzyczała ole ole !
Ja mam paszport, ty masz ciągnik a Elizka ma zepsuty czajnik.
Twój ryj jest jak beton bo robili cie na żeton !
Buka jesteś gruba jak beka bo twój stary to sumo atleta !
Takim jak ty trzeba podarowaź słońce ja ci pójdę i zerwę je na łące,
żebyś miała na ryju rogala i uśmiechała sie do rana,
a jak ci uśmieszek opadnie to dostaniesz przez ryj i wtedy ci spadnie,
a wtedy tom ci go już nie pozbiera bo on w innym towarze przebiera
i najprędzej powie ci - chuj w dupe. O przepraszam czy buka ma dupę?
Czy może wielką kupę sadła, ale ciiiiiiii ciiiiiiiiiiiii nikt sie o tym nie dowie.
Tylko ksiądz na plebanii wszytkim opowie
a gdy twoja stara sie dowie to tez wszystkim rozpowie.
Kupi red bulla i wtedy sie bardziej rozhula
i wiem ze ma na imię Ula a każda Ula to brzydula !
I że niby on cię wziąćł na tej CZERWONEJ pościeli?
Której wcale nie mieli?
Kawałki pizzy na twoim ryju, potem Kaulitz biega za tobąi krzyczy buka ty złodzieju!
Ty stara ropucha, która wszytko wpierdala przez ucho!
I że niby Nati to suka?
W takim razie buka ma na głowie srakę kruka !
Pierdolisz głupoty jak głuchy
a Bill najebany tańczył na stole, Tom napierdolony
o żesz kurwa ja pierdole !
Chyba czytał mi z myśli, że Buka coś zaraz zmyśli
a głuchy jak nie usłyszy to zmyśli.
Więc lepiej umyj uszy bo za to cię nikt nie ruszy,
bo jak ich nie umyjesz to cię raczej zagłuszy,
poruszy jak bruce lee.
Pieprzone życie, to jest to co cię boli,
może weżmiesz trochę rad u Oli.
Nie ma sensu chyba mam dola - a ja ci powiem,
że twoja dupa wyglada jak stodoła !
Chcesz prawdziwej miłości?
Zapisz sie do Boga,
do którego trzeba wejść po schodach,
jak sie spierdolisz.. o jaka szkoda.
buka była i buki nima !
i tak ta historyjka sie zaczęła,
że buka jest nikim tylko wpierdala robaki,
które wyciagnęła z kaulitzowej sraki.
Dziękuję za uwagę proszę Państwa,
teraz przenoszę się do innego tematu !
bo buka senior to strata czasu !

here you go!
I hope you like it hahahahaha

New Layout

Guys Guys Guys!!!
I've got new layout.



what do you think?
I like it
I spend 2 hours on it xD
and I really love it *-*

"And stay to skills
Like animal


I'm so bored. seriously i'm
still sick which means that weekedn at home -_-'
but tomorrow i MUST go shopping
because if not i will kill myself.

So I'm watching 2005/2006 TH pic's
the times that some of you never tasted and never gonna do it.
i have to say i miss this times so much.
and i can give a lot to go back to this 2005/2006 point.
when everything was so fun and easy.

I've got bad feeling on my mind. I hope it will go away from me soon.
i hate the feelings like this. its killing me.
what else?
photo manipulation of ugly thing on the pic of course by me ;]
don't you dare to take it ;]

Ok i'm gonna do some instant soup for myself. i love them yess i dooooooo. <3
yeah man its so yummy *-*
and my dad was so kid today and he bought me 10 of tomato instant soup yehey ^^

oh and i cant wait till Emas <3
I really can't wait to meet my people because I MISS YOU GUYS
and i love you sooooo!!!
yeah we gonna party as hell there no matter what ;]

ok goodnight

Saturday, 19 September 2009

weź pigułke

haha ktoś to jeszcze pamięta?
coś mnie wzięło na ten typ muzyki.
jak na pewno wiecie to kocham wszystko co electro techno house itp ;]
no to teraz hmm? teraz idę coś porobić bo mi się nudzi xD

a i tak btw. to chyba kogoś mi ta piosenka przypomina ehhh -_-'


All of the times
You used to cry
I would let you down
I'm losing time
I shoulda tried
A little more
To be around
But I didn't know
That you were hurting
I was just to blind
Only thing
I know for certain
Another you
I'll never find


OMG hahahahahahahaha
no i'm dead after this hahaahhahaa
oh god but his voice is nice i have to say hahaha
better than Bills on Humanoid song hahahaa
oh and TH fans really should open their eyes so wide and see whats happening.
but ok. just saying ;]

Friday, 18 September 2009


OMG thats so sick haha.
I want it man hahah
look and sounds fun oO.

I'm back from college, I cleaned up my room,
I'm so tired so I will go to sleep aerly today ;]

Btw. comments ok? hahahaha
Bill made my day with his voice hahahahahaa

At College

woah woah I'm doing research about germany haha
Ok. actually about traditional clothing

Morning ^^

Ok I'm going to college ;]
today i feel much better ^^
I hope today we make some fun like last week hahaha
morning and bye <3

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Tom in Barcelona by me. and yes he was looking at ME!

Hello everyone ;]
I just woke up! It'e because In afternoon my head was killing me so I went to bed ;]
but I feel horrible and sick now -_-'
I'm damn cooooollllld -_-'
I think I'm gonna go back to bed.

Bo mi się palić chciało!!!!

So... I know I came back home early xD
Its because I forget my fags from my desk, and i was so desperate for one!
so i pretended that i feel so sick and poor Nati haha
so Simon let me go home xD
and yess its truth I can't keep my money in my wallet -_-'
what i supposed to do after college?
and what did I did?
I went to Superdrug Boots and Sainsbury's
for what?
for shopping
and what?
and i spend all my money -_-'
50 pounds for those things up there + fags + bus tickets -_-'
i love m,y self haha
but no i have to say I'm happy for my shopping xD
oh and spaghetti for diner and this little pie is so wicked <3

so....po polsku?

Zwolniłam się z collegu bo?
Bo mi się PALIĆ chciało hahah!
czasami sama siebie przechodzę tyle powiem hahaha!
no i ten ten puder z MaXfactora dobry jest *-*
jak widać 2 żele pod prysznic, kokosowy i do intymnej (no co?! haha)
to na talerzu to takie mniami jest <3
na obiad se zrobię szpagetti ^^ widać sos z pieczarkami jest haha
klamra do włosów z BaByliss też jest moją gdzieś posiałam a lubię mieć włosy na górze xD
eyeliner z miss sporty bo ma taki fajny pędzelek i dobrze się maluje
no i mój ulubiony puder w płynie z L'Oreala ;]
zestaw pędzelków (bo stare pogubilam -_'
i M&M'sy co lecą w kulki xD
no to jak by na tyle xD
miałam 5 dych i 5 dych nie mam ;]
piknie co?


Wa Gwan

yeah i love this song hahaha
and i love this word hahaha Wa Gwan hahahaha

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

TH and Pokemon?! WTF?!

Th advertising POKEMON? hahaahha
Ok i thoght they fall down so much but NOT THAT MUCH!


TH i Pokemony? nie no nie wiedziałam że tak już nisko upadli
nie spodziewałam się że aż tak nisko hahahaha!.



jaki z Marka świnia no! hahaha
no przecież jak ja bym była Ulką to bym mu tak w ryj przyjebała że by się chłopak poskładał
nie no odcinek 166 mnie rozwalił.
jaka ona czasami pusta jest że mu nie powie że znalazła te prezenty jezu!
W ogóle to nie moge jak Przemko się wkurwia hahahaha!
dobra 167 może mu w końcu to POWIE!

oh yeah Marek *-*
jaki on jest przechuj to już chuj hahahahha!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009




No..I dont think so haha.



red paint


Me and Tom at shopping mall oO hahaha i know i know hahaha


Tom of course hahaha


Gołąbki really yummy polish dish xD

never ?!


no way!


both xD

Yes i do xD


hahahahaha yess i do hahaha (what a question)


Tiësto and Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here

Almost every country in europe ;]

Not at all.

hmmm yeah I would love to

No?! hes to old man haha not like SOMEONE date someone who can be her son xDDD

I have no reason to do that

old make-up bag?, leggins etc.



I dont have maths anymore xDDD

yes back in the days. hahaha

Nooooooo oO?!


I bet with Isa on MSN hahahaha

none i dont like eggs xD


oh man yes hahaha


I think everyone have it haha yes i do 2 of them xD


oO wtf is it? no i dont hahaha

no idea ?

yep <3>



"Whats her name again?"

N-Dubz Uncle B




2 days ago


sometimes xD

what's that?



orange, black & red

sometimes if i need to.


Karol xD


MS pic? ee cant remember xD

yes ;]

not really xD

yes xD

Dog!! (Doberman <3)>

Johnson's dreamy skin facial night wipes xD

haha no!

of course i can

hmm depends if i really love the person

i wish.


tracksuit xD

yes xD

that was long xD

Mark Making

haha I'm doing my mark making.
One page left and finished!

I'm too lazy to do it but i dont want to be behind with work so....