Thursday, 10 September 2009

Komm Lass Uns Reden.

Old Pic (2008) but I like it SOOOOO, (and HE have it *-*)

So Today College was so boring. seriously.
haha the only fun I had today was when we came into tutorial of the workshop
haha the teacher was adding "Yep" at the end of each sentence hahaha
it was so damn funny. hahaha
I could't not to laugh at him.
So me and one Girl just tried to be serious when he showed us all the machines to cut the wood haha. But anyway it doesn't work.

It was something like :

* Ok so first press black botton to turn the machine on YEP
than slowly push the stick forward YEP
when you get small piece of the wood you need to get 2 smaller sticks YEP
thats because of safety reasons YEP
so you won't cut your fingers YEP.
than turn the machine off YEP
and slowly get the pieces of wood with the sticks out to this place *points on it* YEP *

HAHAHAHAHAHAH and how could I not to laugh at him tell me how? hahahaha

yeah i still laugh about it.
Im gonna record him and i will play it when i'll be in bad mood haha.

I've few things to do in my sketchbook AGAIN -_-'
An I'm so damn tired, I sleept just 2 hours today because i was finishing my other work how lame -_-'

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  1. I also love the pic *-*
    You look great xD
    and sounds like you had a funny day xDDD