Friday, 11 September 2009


Oh god I feel like I'm gonna die in a minute.
I've got headache and fever.
I dont feel well at all. I feel so horible.
I dont know whats wrong.
I didnt finish my homework for tomorrow. because I just have no energy to do it.
I'm weak so I bearly write. Lets hope I will wake up in good mood tomorrow.
If it gets even worse I won't go to college because there is no point.
btw, I've got a feeling that my head gonna fall of my neck -_-'
I'm going to sleep.

Goodnight. :*

BTW. I'm gonna turn 18 in exactly 5 months. oO. I'm getting old oO.


  1. Stara? hahaha
    to co ja mam powiedzieć ? :co jest:

  2. Stara ! jak bedziesz w polsce, to cie obowiazkowo zabiore na discobusters, nie ma chuja ty BANANIE 2 hahaha


  3. You look good ;) and im glad you feel better now ;D
    Ohhh and you have STARS on your clothes *_*