Thursday, 24 September 2009


yehey again he was starring at me. and at this concert he did it all the time
Barcelona 2008

OMG . you dont wanna have pain as i have now. My lungs hurts so much same as my throat
I cant breathe properly and i have bad fever and I cant talk. my stomach pains as hell as well.
So today i finally registered to the surgery for all check-ups
I hope i dont have Swine flu oO
Oh man I've never been in such a pain like this oO
Oh Simon gonna kill me cause im not in college for almost a week now
eh whatever.

man i feel so bad.
Ok My appointment is at 3.20 so i have little time but i'm going to take shover now.


  1. Oh when i see that screen i think again that i miss his cute dreads so much :(

    And i hope you get better soon honey <3