Friday, 25 September 2009


OMG can you see that?
Tom and piano *-*
I think the song he is playing is similar to Liebesträume. but im not sure and its Zoom into me.
man i wonder if he gonna play it life oO

I still barely breathe. everything hurts inside.
I need to clean up my house today as i promissed to my dad.
and also i need to cook dinner again.
but i have no idea what i can cook.

ok. I'm going off for shower and breakfast xD


  1. A no zdolny chłopaczek, zdolny !


  2. <3

    and hope you feel better soon!

  3. no niestety ja musialam dzisiaj isc bo musielismy zaniesc deklaracje maturalne....... :/
    ale w szkole to byla taka masakra, ze myslalam, ze padne.

    ale teraz troche lepiej :)
    noo to sie nie nudzilas chyba dzisiaj :P posprzatane i ugotowane ? :)