Saturday, 12 September 2009

Drawing from Rebbi.

One girl draw it for me *-* OMG!! its so amusing *-*
she said she's gonna send the drawing to me.
I will hang it on my wall man!. *-*
what do you think ?
Thank you Rebbi < 3 THANK YOU *-*

awrrr.... cant stop looking on it hahaha.

Ok so Today I'm still not well but better!
I'm listening to Akon-sexy Bitch again.
Ok I'm gonna write something later. xD


  1. OMG that drawing is soo amazing *_*
    She did a good job :)



  2. słodki ten rysunek, naprawdę *.*

    Lepiej się czujesz? To dzięki moim herbatkom xDDDD