Sunday, 13 September 2009

Long Night.

Yeah. thats my song of a day.

Better i dont say how bad i feel now?
how damn stressed I'm hm?
better i dont say how PISSED OFF i'm hmm?
Because last night was LONG NIGHT and we felt something is going on.
and today BAM -__;
I'm surprised.
I shouldn't but I'm.
I've no words.


  1. You are so right,we had a really long night and i think if someone sees our conversation he will think we are clairvoyants or how that word was.
    We knew it,and we already felt bad when it happened.
    Its not normal anymore.

    But im glad we had spent that time together and also now.
    So i know im not alone with my feelings and all.

    Thank you <3