Sunday, 27 September 2009

Damn Bill!

pic edited by me.

Damn Boy!
Bill you're sexy bitch!
Yes I can see him
Cause every girl here wonna be him
Oh he's a diva
He needs to slow down
The baddest thing around town.

what else can I say?
I'm Overdosed with Bill now.
hahaha I cant believe I'm the one who like him now oO
of course Tom is my number one for ever and ever and i'm not swapping them as fans do.
I like how he look now.
Just how he look because personallity is........yeah..
thats it!
Isa don't be jealous hahahahaha!

Oh and I will write about my Ocean trip tomorrow.
I'm to tired to work in Photoshop now.
haha ok i made Bill's pic there but thats it haha.


  1. Haha :D
    I LOOOOOVE that pic :D
    And the lyrics xDDD

    Haha and im not jealous xDD
    You know hes MY bitch haha xDD
    With his glitterstones at his in-ear and his weird nails and his ears like a fairy/Peter Pan/Arthur :D:D xDD
    -Just in the EXPENSIVE version of them haha xDD -



  2. umaaaaaaaarłam ! i jestem w niebie !