Saturday, 26 September 2009

Shopping in Hemel Hampstead & Bovington.

So i came back from Hemel Hampstead
Now Im watching Italian MTV hahaahaI have to say Bill is awesome seriously awesome *-*
why are Twins so SHORT?!
man im like oOOOOOOO
they are shorter or G's are bigger oO

ok so I bought
new shoes. I love them *-* haha Im shoe maniac hahaha
also Dress which I also like.
Ne MaXfactor mascara
Bronzing Pearls
John Frieda brilliant brunette shampoo & conditioner. ( I love John Frieda *-*)
and black eye pencil

Tomorrow I'm going to the Ocean. I have to wake up at 3 to get ready and than at 5 we're leaving.
so to tomorrow night <3.
Carbis Bay. here I come


  1. Aww amazing shoes and dress *_*

    Oh and jaaaa Twins are dwarfs now hahahaha xDD

    But they look sooo fantastic *_*



  2. o stara kocham ten tusz *___________*

    ey, kradne internet hahahaha ;*

    ejze, on serio bosko wyhglada ! < 333

  3. kocham ten tusz, omg *____*
    swietny jest !

    ejze, kradne internet warszawski hahahahah !

    serio wyglada zajebiscie *.* <333