Thursday, 3 September 2009


I must say he rocks. seriously He really rocks. I saw one of his vids on Toms Blog. I was like oO AMUSING!. he's also so cute xDDDD

So I just get back home from the *trip* to central London. We went to V&A gallery. i have to say it was quite fun. I loved the Chinese part of the gallery. We had to go around for 2 hours do some pictures write some notes and do at least 1 good drawing.
There was a Dressing room of Kylie Minogue

yeah. that was cool.
On our way back home we had some trouble with the trains. and in the end we were stuck in the train which was going around 5km/h for 3 stations -_-' or it was stopping every 20 meters. how nice. In overall the way from Rickmansworth station to Amersham station took us 1 hour and 20 minutes oO. Normaly its around 10-15 minutes oO how lame was that.
But we had fun on the train hahaa.
Now i'm so tired. I will go to do some sketches now and than probably i'm gonna go to sleep.

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