Monday, 14 September 2009

Morning everyone!
Im ready for college now.
Smoking last cigarete at home
btw. I think I look NICEEEEEEE today hahaa
shame for Tom that he cant see me now hahaha

I took those Pic.s just now xD
hihi shame for him hahahahaha
Im in freaking good mood now.
I hope hes over with his hangover hahahahaha
In it Isa?
ok im going out.

Ciao bambino :*


  1. Oh you look really good today *_*
    Love your hair and dress and make-up <3

    Haha and ja,his hangover lol
    BTW partypics in a german newspaper -.-'
    They met Olli Pocher and went to 2 clubs and its said 'with girls' -.-'

    Nice day-beginning for me ._.

    Oh and i dreamt about Miss Make-Up and all that -.-'


  2. widze ,że makijaż niczym Amy Winehouse hahaha
    w ogole to chuju wiesz ze ja cie musze tam odwiedzic na tym zadupiu w londynie nie?? wiesz nie?