Monday, 21 September 2009


Those who know me so good probably know that Im God in the kitchen haha.
yes. my food is always so yummy.
haha I think I've got some kind of secret undiscovered skill after my mother because her food used to be even more good than mine i could eat and eat because it always had the best taste.
and she worked as a chef in the restaurant as well *-*
oh and my dad makes the best chicken & meat in the world hahaha i know im selfish but thats so true hahaa/

I was hungry and i thought why not to make Penne pasta ?
so i get to the kitchen and i just made it.
and ? its so delicious. and it also looks like this *-*

and? it look yummy is it? hahahaha
it taste even more great.
I know penne pasta should be served with tomato sauce, but actually i'm not in mood to eat tomato sauce so i made dark sauce to it.
haha lets dedicate it to Tom. hahahaha i know my reason and you know he loves pasta
yeah hahaha

ok i'm going to finish it and than wash the dishes ;]

ciao bambino...

1 comment:

  1. OMG that looks sooo yummy,now im hungry again xD
    I had also pasta for dinner today but with tomato sauce which was also great :D

    And ja,i BET Tom would looooove your pasta,too :D
    He said he needs a housewife,so look at this food-you are the best :D:D:D