Monday, 14 September 2009

50!!! // Funny!

ahahahahahaha how embaressing that is hahahahaha
haha but so funny oh man i would piss myself if i woul be there haha
or i will hide back in the bin if i would be her hahaha.
Really I thought my mood will be so shit till the end but i was wrong haha
I'm laughing so much now.
and my mood is 360* different than 2 hours ago xD

Its gonna be good Isa, It must be GOOD!!!.

Thank You Isa <3
Thank You Marta <3
I love you two.
Good to have you here *-*

btw. my 50th post here oO!!!


  1. hahaha that video was the best of this night hahahaha xDDD

    sad that there wasnt dirty trash in the bin haha imagine the girl coming out looking like dirty pig hahaaha xDD

    And ja,i hope all will be good in the end :/

    Love you,too <3
    Im always there for you,you know <3


  2. hahahahahahaha kurwa jak mozna byc takim tępym zeby w koszu do smieci sie czaic jhaahahaha
    ja pierdole O__o hahahahaha

    I love you to kurwa ! i Berlin i HH wiec wiesz ! sie najebiemy jak świnie jak nasz pewien kumpel jhahahahahahahahahahah wiesz o co chodzi haaha

    ;*** lokówka ;****

  3. hahahahahaha
    kurwa wiesz ,ze to bedzie przelom w Berlu i HH?!
    i kurwa ci obiecuje ze nigdy tego nie zapomnisz hahahaha wezme rusacza z biedry i sie nakurwimy hahahahahhahahaha
    i w ogole to lokowka to bedzie glowny bohater naszego wyjazdu hahahahahahahah
    i jak sie wkurwie to rzuce nią w Billa hahahahahahahaha


    też cie kocham ty syty sucharze jebany ! hahahahaha ;**********