Monday, 14 September 2009

Lucky Today!.

I can't believe that I'm still in such a good mood today.
haha btw. I love my classmates hahahaha
haha never gonna forget what they did today.

*today is a Pinguin day* coming into the clas from the libry after checking out Tom hahaha.
how nice they said so bad things about him haha
no idea why i was just laughing so much almost didn't fall of my chair haha.
Good that they dont it good that I laughet
I hope his Hangover is better now hahaha

omh man.
I'm pretty today (i know i'm selfish now)
My busses came right on time i get to the bus stop oO
I wasnt bored for even a minute today.
Im not tired even i had just 3 hours sleep.
everyone is so nice to me today oO
The weather actually became sunny when i get to college oO

something is wrong here hahahaha!

OMG hahahahahahahahaahaha
and that was just btw, hahaha

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