Monday, 21 September 2009

Kid Rock!!

me with Kid Rock on
MTV EMA pre show party ;]

OMG.!!! guess what people!
Kid gonna come this year again!!!
should i go to party with him again??
man this person is so wicked! haha seriously. Hes so nice and funny.
and i never will forget that night with him hahaha. when My friend fall the glass of whiskey he holds in that pic.
(he never get upset about it!!!) and that

Kid: So where are you from?
Nat: Poland :D
Kid God Bless You!
Nat, Dredschen & Al : Oo HAHAHAHAHAA
Kid : Are you coming to the show?
Nat: Yes we can't wait.
Kid. God Bless You.
Nat, Dredschen & Al: oOOO hahaha .

seating with him on this orange couch
Kid: Why are you shaking?
Nat: No i DON'T!!!
Kid: Yes i can feel it!
Nat: No its your imagination
Kid: God Bless You.
Nat Dredschen & Al : oO LMAO!
Kid: Just act like you LOVE me!
Nati: oO oki...
Kid: God...bless YOU!

hahaha man every time he say something he say god bless you hahahaha.
Oh and on the show when he was performing he came close to us and he recognized us straight away! than he said
*I remember You* and he smiled hahahaa.
Oh and Tom was watching his performance hahaha.
I wonder how its gonna be now man i MUST see Kid again hahaha.
maybe he will remember us from Liverpool hahaha

BTW. Now its second day when i bearly sleep just 2 hours why?
because of my Mask Project.
I hate Simon for that!!!!
Boah a lot of stuff to do still and im so tired. and i have to finish it today -_-'
mannn i've drink 5 red bulls already and still feel like someone had chewed me -_-'
oh and after I finish with my Mask project I have my room to clean -_-' and i have to do it because i can't find anything its such a mess because i have all the papers around the room --'
Don't you try to do Art&Design course at College NEVER!!
It seems to be so easy but it really doesn't!
oh oki img going to finish those 6 pages and than paint Alps and than do BIG research about Germany and than do Presentation board and i can move on to clean my room.
oh and i will redecorate it as well.
Im bored of it now -_-'

Song of a Day?
Jay-Z- Run this Town.
TH- Heilig (i love this song and i haven't heard it for ages)
The Best of Buka
and all the shit in my iTunes. ;]

Ciao :*


  1. hahahaha GOD BLESS YOU ! xDDD

    Sounds like it was a really funny night xD
    And his glance on the pic reminds me a bit of GEORG hahaha xDD



  2. Ale poniesiesz mi do Wawy chociaż monitor ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  3. pewnie, że możesz :))) też dodaję :)
    hmmm na spejsie... niemozliwe bo ja cie nie mam chyba xDD haha ale sprawdze ;) milo poznać. Kaska jestem ;)

  4. a ja na to jak na lato, aahahahahaahahaha !

    no to stara, w sobote w samo poludnie u mnie ! hahahahahah

  5. moze przez holly mnie znasz ? :)
    mmam mega lenia... tyle rzeczy do zrobienia ale co tam, posiedze przy kompie xD i tak zlecial mi wczoraj czas od 14 xDD hahaha w koncu nauczylam sie tylko na wos... ale i tak nie wiem czy pamietam cos z tego xD narazie jest za wczesnie zeby to oszacowac:PP

    miłego dnia ;)