Wednesday, 30 September 2009

all the pain...

I've got enough of this day.
I hate Fridays from today
and i hate everyone and everything now.
ok not everyone because there are some people who keep me going today.
ok just 2 of them .
Isa thank you that you're always there for me <3
and thank you for what you wanna do for me you-know-what-i-mean
thank you also that i can talk about so many things with you. and for everything
and i wanna say happy Boy day to one boy.

One heartbeat lost in the crowd...
Is anybody shouting ? that no one can hear...
zoom into me..i know you're Scared...
when you can't breath..I'll be there...
We are Dogs unleashed out of control..
full of dreams nobody knows...
don't loose your way..I'm here with you.
I'll never let you down
so be forever now.
whisper me all your secrets...
i wanna wake up in a dream...
i choose to be lonely
and live without your attention
i've got your screaming
right into my skin
you left me bleeding but i couldnt give in


I'm in pain. I cant stand it that I cant make it. I screwed everything.a
and when i said everything it means everything!
I know that sometimes its gonna rain but it hurts me
it hurts me so much.
It hurts i cant be where i belong to.
thats how i feel it.
especially today when situations like this bring me so down.
and i feel like closing more into myself.
i cant close . i must be more open but i cant make it.
i feel like i'm lost in this whole shit.
i feel like i dont want it any more
but something keeps me on it.
at this moment
i dont know NOTHING.
nothing what i can do to make it better.

this song mean so much to me.
and its speaking the truth.
so many situations that i can describe with this song.
as well this one that i'm in now.


  1. 1. I love your new pic,you look great <3
    2. You know that im always there for you,and im glad that i can do things for you to ake you feel better.
    3. Yeah,we had better times with our boys than now,but never give up hope and better times will come. ( i hope it and i believe in it.)
    4. I love Zoom into me.I cant wait for the album <3
    5. The Kid Rock song is amazing,i already told you that ;)

    Love you <3


  2. wez, idz stad i nie wracaj !
    musisz byc taka piekna ? -.-` nie odzywaj sie do mnie !

    ja chce juz album, cholera no !

    wez, gadalysmy o kidzie :?: i az piosenka ci w glowie zawrocila hahaha

    ja chce na vive live "zdesperowana:


  3. :* nie martw się, bo burzy zawsze wychodzi słońce :***