Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Happy Birthday to THEM!

Yeah because 20 is Love.
And they turn 20 today.
How strange
seriously its so strange. Its 5th time when i'm saying Happy Birthday Bill and Tom.
So many years. So many moments, So many things we've been through together.
I wish them best .
seriously. I wish they gonna have the best life in the world.
They are just the best twins I ever known.
And I whs them Love. As they both need it.
I wish them stalkers and fanatics to dissapear.
Beacause those ones are like insects in their lifes.
destroing it piece by piece ;]
Privacy Privacy and Privacy.
haha Sex Love Peace and Rock'n'Roll hahahaahahaa
Humanoid on the Top of the music world etc ;]

haha Tom i wish you ME ME ME AND AGAIN ME!
hahahaha <3

It's their day.
Let's drink coffie than!!!!!!!!!


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