Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Different Tokio Hotel.

Yeah so me and Isa are laughing at those misheard lyrics of TH hahaha
omg its so fun hahahaha
haha I'm gonna put the funniest bits of misheared lyrics in there hahaha.

Beichte/ Advice.

* I was trying to fuck you, Up in the part of the car...Fries are sloppy, And they're cold, so I had to fold...I lost my Bill, and my Eggs, And my little Vine*

Reden./ Reading.

*The Fish com out the minibar....they comming to hotel...three boys or more Reading..oh yeas things to hear...*

1000 meere/ Thousand Mirror while

this one is good as well hahhahahahaha!!

Durch den Monsun/ Douched in my Zune

I think this one cracked me down. hahahaha seriously hahahahahaha the best one hahahaha




OMG HAHAHAHA i just have no words to that,
Its so damn funny hahahaha!

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  1. HAHHAH our blogs are soo much better than Banana ones or Miss MTV ones hahaha xDDD

    'I was trying to fuck you' ahhahhaah xD
    Oh god,we are so bored hahaha xDDD