Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back from Shopping.

click for bigger.

Yeah kind of big shopping xD
and i love all the things i've bought today.
Simply I'm happy :D
Pair of medium hair grips
Veet in Shower hair removal :D
Palmolive antiperspirant (wild orchid)
Dove Silk body lotion
3 tank tops. 2 of them are the same but one is in black other one is in creamy colour + one white )
Oversized sweatshirt (size 18 my size is 10/12)
+ One in my size :D
2 PJ's from La Senza <3
My favourite Mint Sticks *-*
My 4th Michael Jackson Book *Unseen Archives*
Set of black Bra+ lady boxers *-*
Cute froggy boxers
Leopard Thongs ^^
Gold necklase *-* ( Bill's gonna be jelous hahahaa*
New HUGE hoops.
Fags !!
and New hair clip because i broke mine yesterday. same from Babyliss

yeah thats it :D
I also went to Starbucks for lunch xD

as i said shopping was so good.
and my mood is so good as well haha.
oh and i was asked for a number 4 times today oO
first time some English stranger sat next to me in the bus he was like *hey gorgeous can i have your number* and i was like * eegh no?!* and he looked so pissed hahaha
than when i was waiting in the Q another one but i pretend that im listening to music so i didnt even answered haha
and 3 & 4th ones was those 2 NICE as HELL black boys *-*
man they were so handsome and awrrrrr *-*
They sat next to me on the bus station and they started to talk to me. we had nice conversation haha
than one asked for number or MSN hahaa
i was like *nah...*
and other one asked so much about it so i gave them my msn hahahaha!
but man they are so handsome and nice. and I love black boys so much *-*
oh and they said they like my eyes, nose and lips so much hahahaha!!!!
i loved Razi's Hat *-* just like Toms and he had cornrows just like tom but much better *-*
ahh hahahahaha!
their names are Razi & David *-*
ok im going to finish my sketchbook now.
than I will try on everything again. and i will clean a little
and than maybe Scrubs?


  1. Widzę kochanie, że zakupy w chuj udane !
    No trzymałam kciuki i znalazłaś to co chciałaś ! haha

    Kurdę, ale on dmucha ! *.*

    Kochana < 33

  2. Miało być `Trzymałam kciuki i znalazłaś to co chciałaś`

    Myśle o jednym i piszę głupoty o.O

  3. The stuff you bought is soo amazing *_
    Love the clothes and the jewellery *_*
    And jaa,i BET Bill would be jealous :D xD

    Oh and i guess it was funny with that guys xD
    I think you are just too pretty,so they all bother you haha xDD



  4. Omg I'm SO going shopping with you someday! hahahaha