Monday, 11 July 2011


Soooo first year of college just finished! Summer timeeeeee yeyeyeye!
So exhibition was awesome! I put so much work and efford in it! and I'm actually proud of myself no matter what, I had bad and good times when I was working on this project, I had times when I just wanted to grab all my work and throw it in the bin because I thought its the shittest thing ever, and i had times when i was just so determinated and proud of what I've created! Mostly at the end when my final outcome was standing in this glass booth and people were amazed by my work, and asked questions and all it felt so good! . Im proud of myself because I've put so much into this and it came out so well, and this isnt just my opinion but others as well!
I think its the best feeling when you work your ass for 3 months on something and than group of people will come and look at it and tell you that its amazing and stunning and really good quality, the best is that people think that im experienced in sewing and making garments but im NOT, its my second dress! people were quite shocked about it but oh well.. I dont know this exhibition made me feel good, really good actually!
It didnt go as I wanted it to, but in the end it was great ! I cant wait to exhibit my work next year!
Anyways I had so much fun with my people and i would like to thank every person which showed up for me i lovee you guyyys!

some pics of my work !

;D !