Monday, 21 February 2011

All Of The Lights.

I loveeee Kanye i think i wrote that before. and im totally inlove with new CD, he's such a asshole but still there is something i like about this person (no im not attracted to him haha just in case someone thought so ) haha . yeah the video is like something new . I love the short intro they filmed with the little girl, and the part he stand on the police car and close up on rihanna's eyes *--------*, and some of these fonts are awesome + this song one of my favorites for weeks .
Just saw the video so i wanted to share my opinion about it here.

Oh and my friend is coming over tomorrow, yeheyyy shes gonna save me from total destruction from boredom haha ! and i hope to get well soon i wanna go out for shopping dammit!!!
One more episode of how i met your mother and im off to bed .  ( i got so addicted to this series its fucking hilarious!

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