Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Leather Jacket

Hiiiii i had such a looooooong day! , went to High Wycombe with my friend, I was desperate to buy something , so we went around the shops but nothing interesting was there and than i saw this beautiful jacket in River Island and i fell for it. Had to buy it even now im broke hahaha !
I've got a fever and not really feeling well, but im glad my room is sooo warm *-* as my friends room is like a fridge ! I'm getting really pissed off and frustrated about few things and few people out there. but well i wil ltry to NOT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK. yeah . thats what im gonna do.

anyway few pic's of my jacket. 

Leather Jacket : River Island.


  1. I looooooooooooooooooooooove the jacket *_____*

    Its amazing :D <3

  2. peyton : wez zakochalam sie w tej skorze na maksa *-*

    isa: yeah me too *------------------*

  3. To prawdziwa skóra?

  4. Oh wowww!!! LOVE it. The shoulder detailing is GORGEOUS- no wonder you couldn't resist ;)

    T & J


  5. The Style rawr : yeah i love shoulder detailed jackets i have few of them already and i cant resist buying anything with this thing on xD