Friday, 18 February 2011

18th February 2010.

so its one year i guess!  feels so weird  where does the time go?
last year me and Isa started our tour we drove to rotterdam the same day as i arrived and had really long drive to holland thats where our first cocnert of humanoid city tour was. It was great the camping the people we met the cocnert itself was more than amazing we never expoected that. and thats where we saw stage and all production for the first time, i was really positive about that even on this 6 days of camping we were laughing our asses off about what they could have there.. Anyways i dont know what else i can say i miss it so much and i wish i could rewind this year back to live it once again.  We made everything in rotterdam, numbers, organized people everything, it was stressful but it worked out perfectly and thats why im proud of me and Isa and other people who helped us repair things some people messed up on the first place.

 packing my bags haha as i remember i had fight with my sleeping bag !
 On the airport 2 hours before my flight .
 checked if i have my tickets for the first part of my tour.
 oh yeah in waiting area after check in and all the shit you have to do on the airport.
 plane was ready
 flyinggggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhh haha !
arived at Ahoy as the 1st ones oh yeaaaaah! 
"what the hell are you doing here? " yyy we're having breakfast?!?!?!?!" 
branclet chaos, luckly me and isa took over 
 out & about in rotterdam
at our hotel  XD
 at night haviong laughs about random shit.
 few hours before cocnert chilling after long night of organising people , the result of our hard work hell yeah.
 1st row by tom, the best places yeahhhh , german,polish,czech power :DDDD

ah memorries memorries. i hope people on the pics dont mind that i posted it here. :D
excuse my face i was damn tired haha ! 
ah i do miss it !


  1. wowww az trudno wierzyc ze to juz rok!

  2. these pics are amazing!!

  3. Awwww good OLD (lol) Roffaello-memories :D:D:D
    If i think back and compare it to today,im like wtf,because here at home time seems to pass by sooo slow..ok in Roffaello it was also a long time,but at least we had fun(or something like that,with some not so nice events lol)

    And the pics are amazing,but OMG the one under the "rain-tent" hahahaha oh man...
    And im glad we did such a good "job",so we had at least no real panic on concert day.

    I miss the tour >.<


  4. isa : hahahaha i blured out your face as i know how you reacted when you saw them haha i left mine as you cant see it hahahaha
    but that was worst night after the car nght in it?
    tru tru but when we were there time was goig soooooooooo slow on the first day when it was raining and we sat in the car just like omg cant the time go faster to the fucks sake hahaha

    yeah well imagine that if we didnt go to the car and didnt decided that we have to do something with the mess imagine what nightmare would that rotterdam cocnert be haha lol .
    me too i also miss it it was cool tour even after some awful things we went through it was cool tour!

    Peyton: nooo co nie ? tak szybko zlecialo
    Anon: thank you.