Friday, 11 March 2011

Tsunami & earthquake in Japan

Such a shocking day today people. I got up quite late and all i saw on facebook was people talking over japan and US so i turned my TV on and saw what a disasster is going on in Japan right now, Its terrible how you cant stop the nature from doing this awful things, People lost everything what they've been working for years, they lost families they lost everything, when you sit at home and watch it its so touching and it hurts that you cant even do anything , you can just sit and watch how their lives turned into hell , my heart broke into 1000 little pieces after watching this I feel bad about this even i dont know none of them but my heart goes out to every single person in Japan and other countries that have been touched by this terrible thing or they waiting for it to come. Seriously i dont even have words for how i feel about this situation its just horrible nightmare. The images of it are frightening and just watching it was breathtaking for me.
God bless Japan and everyone who suffers there.  

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