Thursday, 10 March 2011


uhm unfinished. and i dont feel like i will ever finish this one. So uhm im gonna start new one here as i have this drawing mood right now.. but i have no idea what should i draw haha. i usually draw him,  dont ask me why i dont know why , also on this one i mixed charcoal with watter so it blended in a bit more in few places but as i said, im not gonna finish this one, because i started to feel like its not going well and i didnt wanted to rush it or screw it. I havent drawed anything in ages so that could be a reason why, i just need to get used to it a little xD
i will post some drawings here in coming days xD


  1. I like it *-* (now that i know what is on it haha xD)

    And i hope you will find something good to draw after this :D