Wednesday, 23 March 2011

hot pants

While i was cleaning my house today , i also cleaned my wardrobe, and found really old black jeans, I just had them 3-4 times on me, and never used them so i decided to make shorts from them. i cut them up and added chains i bought few days ago and i have to say they look wicked! I want to buy some studs from ebay so i can take one back pocket off and attatch them to it as well also im gonna go to my garage and look for some sand paper to give this shorts finishing touch . I love t5hem and i cant wait to wear them when its gonna be so warm !
Also i talked to my brother in the morning which made me miss my country so so badly, we sat and talked on skype on webcam for about an hour he have 3 new tattoos, fucking addict haha !
Also i just talked to my sister which is getting married in few weeks and i cant be there, well i will do everthing i can to be in poland on 16th because i cant miss another wedding of my siblings! no way!

Rings- Primark + H&M
Shoes- New Look
Top- Primark
Shorts- by me.

Nice huh?  well perfect for me haha !
Im gonna go and finish up cleaning my second room.

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