Friday, 4 March 2011

I need a doctor.

For real i need proper doctor. i hate UK's medical care I really do ! I better go to Poland and pay for private visits than pay for shit care they giving me here. I've been running from one doctor to another because of my throat no one knows what it is and I'm ending up on some antibiotics that never work! Today i begged for proper throat scan with this pipe they insert into your throat and? she gave me Penicylin and told me to go back next week because she have to see if Penicylin will help first i mean whaaaaaaaaaaaaat the hell ! ? wouldnt going to have my throat scanned and looked from inside better than fucking waiting another week when i already lots my voice and have huge ass pain? After the scan they would see better what is wrong in there and give me proper care but of course its UK and they like to handle things in long and lame ways which never works!
Damn i have to be another week on antibiotics like WTF my liver and stomach will die from that.. i dont like to take any medicine because i know how much damage they cause but i have no other choice -_-'
Luckly Im gonna be in Poland really soon so i will handle things in my way. And i hate how this runnng from one doctor to another affect my attendence in college damn -_-' . I wanna know whats wrong with it because im so tired of it already and thrust me im not talking about just a cold or sore throat problem which started few weeks ago because i have this problem for more than a year -_-'.

Angry post from me but thats my mood angry and with feeling that i will just go and kill all the uk's doctors -_-'  I also made nice dinner for myself, Hot chilli con carne, and it was awesome. I love my cooking actually. But well because right now i feel so fed up i didnt ate so much just few bites of it thats it . gonna go and do some Fashion sketchbook work now and try to calm my titz because im so angry you cant imagne. 

Wool Scarf: Primark
Silk Scarf : McQ
Leather Jacket: River Island
Sunglasses:  gift n idea where is it from.


  1. You're one of the only people who make me proud to be polish! So pretty! <3

  2. really? thank youuuuuuuu ♥
    and you know you are also pretty-polish-my-lovely-model ♥♥

  3. uwierz, że u nas nie lepiej xd tak samo faszerują antybiotykami,które z czasem przestają działać. fakt,jeżeli pójdziesz prywatnie to Cię jakoś potraktują a tak to trzeba się prosić o każde skierowanie czy dodatkowe badanie
    będziesz w PL?
    w ogóle to ślicznie wyglądasz:d

  4. wiesz ale mysle ze jak pujde prywatnie i poprosze o skan gardla to mi to zrobia tutaj nie ;/
    bede w pl napisze ci na msn kiedy xD jak cos to mozemy sie spotkac we wroclawiu xD