Thursday, 10 March 2011


Today  didnt went to college as i had no reason to do so, so i spent whole day doing nothing, yes yes im being lazy . I went out to the shop which is a bit of walk from my house and it was super warm that i just had my denim jacket on ! I beg you god let the weather stay like this ! Anyways i was bored and i went through some old photos i took in Poland when i went on holidays. That was the last time i saw my dog and i have tons of pictures of him.  It made me sad when i looked through them he was such a happy dog never did a bad thing to anyone omg :(  His name was Czarek I got him when i was 8 when he was tiny tiny puppy and he was the best dog on the planet. !  Everytime I was sad he used to come around and lay next to me just to keep me some company. ahhh i miss it.

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