Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gigant Strawberries

So Im being really lazy right now, i made myself scrambled eggs with toast n the morning now im eating this super big strawberries haha. , im just surprised as the strawberries are really huge, when i placed one on my hand it was little bit more than half of my palm so yeah they are huge but so yummy haha . Im probably gonna do some research today, clean up a bit and so my laundry. Oh speaking of laundry i started to watch Jersey Shore and its hilarious hahaha. And also i finished all of the episodes of How i met your mother, sad because i got used to watching it and i loved it, so i have to wait till tuesday when new one will come up.
I missed the supermoon yesturday night! ;( i wanted to see it so badly but i forgot about it and realized when i was laying in my bed already ready to sleep.  Also the weather sucks today no sun at all just cloudy and grey outside. Another reason to stay at home and get some work done .
Tomorrow im gonna model for KasKas in her college, shes studying make-up and beauty and she gonna do me a spray tan. I never had that before so im a bit curious  and as i have day off why not help my dear lovely friend ♥


  1. Nie chce Ci nic mówić, ale dlatego są takie ogromne, bo są nienaturalne, nafaszerowane i zmienione genetycznie, im większe od tych normalnych tym bardziej;p

  2. Trochę chemii nikomu nie zaszkodzi xD Ja też bym nie mogła się powstrzymać i bym je zjadła ! :)

  3. anonim : ale wiesz jakie byly dobreeeeeee omg *-*

    isa: co nie! zajebiste byly! yummyyyyy!!!

    pozatym niema sezonu = niema naturalnych truskawek czyms je trzeba zastapic haha