Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Phone

ah yesss finally i got new Blackberry, (Blackberry Bold 9780) I never had one before and I always wanted one and i have to say im inlove! the phone is fast and handy , I love the keyboard but it will take me while to get used to it as i was using touchscreen for 3 years. I will keep my old phone which is Iphone and use it with my old number and also as an ipod from now on.  I had to get new phone because my iphone was taking a piss and this phone is just a retard, and im honest here, and also my screen is starting to break down lol.
What else? ... Im getting to know my new phone right now, entering all of my contacts and so on which will take me agessss haha but i have to do so.  And I hate DHL because of how they update their tracking page and for the long wait for delivery, i just hate waiting for deliveries esspecially the ones i need to sign, because i have to be at home for them,  I need to hang my laundry and pack my suitcase as tomorrow my friend is comming here and at the night of thursday we gonna drive to the airport with my dad, im so exciteeeeed!!! where im going? you will see after i come back xD ! I dont rweally wanna say because i learned a lesson from times before, people started to freak out and so on and i dont want that.
Anywayssss, im gonna leave my new born BB to charge and go to hang my laundry and make some dinner.
Oh and i wanted to go to do some shopping but my bus never came and i got pissed of because i stood there for 30 minutes...ridicilous.

pics of my babyberry ♥

brother and sister right? hahaha !


  1. zawsze chciałam mieć ten telefon ale gdy wpadła mi w ręce nokia e71 to powiedziałam, że muszę ją mieć i przykro mi to mówić, ale jest lepsza :D

  2. nigdy nie mialam jakiejs wielkiej sympatii do nokii, wrecz ich nielubie wiec to zalezy od gustu mysle ze jak by mi ktos dal najbardziej odwalona nokie swiata to wolalabym wrucic do iphona ktorego czasami wrecz niecierpie xD

  3. fajny telefon :)

    zapraszam do mnie: