Sunday, 1 May 2011


bought yesturday, i love this orange tank top, orange is my no.1 colour and im happy to wear anything in orange xD

and i have to say that i wish from the bottom of my heart that yesturday would never happen. I feel bad and i think that i destroyed begining of something new and special but i aint even gonna talk about it here. Sometimes when i drink too much i can hurt others and i hate this fact.

And someone asked for review of new eyeliner and mascara.. alright i will do it in the evening XD


  1. Fajne !

    zapraszam do mnie: nowy post.

  2. jestem ciekawa tych leginsow w zesatwie .. wiec czekam :)

    Zapraszam do siebie margaret-j

  3. zwykle czarne leginsy z zapieciami jak od biustonosza na nogawkach xD