Tuesday, 11 August 2009

tiesto's new vid, dogs, shopping & parties.

OMG this video is so nice *-* I really like the animation and this guy how he walks/dance *-*
I bet Tom would love it hahaha.

what can I say? yesturday i got back from my friend house. We had 3-days party hahha
on the first day we were drinking and dancing, on the second one we went for shopping and brought our lovely PJ's haha mine is with cute frogs hahaha i really love it haha!
Eliza've got one with sheeps its pink and also so cute xD so we had PJ's party xD that was also fun haha we were so drunk hahaha
on the third day we went to swimming pool in the morning and than we went to the ice center for ice skating. there was a disco so we had fun as well. I have to say that i really like black boys *-*
Imagine having baby with one like this *-*
it could be so cuteeee *-*
than we came back home and again we get drunk hahaha. we were dancing by the pool in her garden hahaha and singing Michael Jackson songs.
We tried to do moonwalk on the grass but it was too difficuilt. xD
than next day i had huge argument with my dad. but after he took me to westfield.
Which is europe's largest Shopping Mall (i hope xD)Its really modern and huuuuuuuuuge. I spend there almost whole day and i didnt get to see all of the shops oO. I can spend there like whole my life hahahaha. I really feel good when I'm there seriously!. You should visit it!
I'm so addicted to shopping. I just can't stop buying things -_-' sometimes i buy a thing because i like it but then i never use it what a looser me !? oO

Ok today i went to Staples with my dad. I had to buy few things and i went to McD'z as well -_-'
but i have to say that i love mozzarella Dippers *-* than we went for little shopping and i brought mozzarella and i tried to do dippers myself but.....in the end it was one big piece of shit so i throw it in the bin hahaha.
Tomorrow I'm going to work with my dad. I have to do few things there so I'm gonna get paid which means I've got more money to buy my dog *-*
But still dont know which one I really want Doberman or Chihuahua I really like both of this.
I had Doberman in the past I'm so inlove with them.

Ok I'm going to sleep now xD
Ciao :*

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